Find your creative side at craft cafes

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published : 7 Oct 2021 at 14:50

writer: Gary Boyle

Find your creative side at craft cafes

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Bangkok has many craft cafes that are waiting to be discovered. Here’s a handy cafe-and-craft guide.

The Kafe' by Mha art & craft

Coffee lovers may be surprised by the options of Pepsicano (iced Americano with Pepsi, B100) or Orangecano (B120). Right next to the coffee corner is a leather handcrafting studio - MHA Leather Work School, which has been here for generations. They offer leather crafting classes, where you can turn a sheet of leather into a variety of bags from B4,700 per person.

The Kafe' by Mha art & craft, 75 Charoen Rat 4 / Open daily from 9am-5pm

A Clay Cafe

In front of this three-storey building are eye-catching blue steps and a French window, showing the cosiness inside of this cafe/pottery house. A Clay Cafe offers six private ceramic workshops, such as one-day hand-forming with painting (B2,000 per person) and a wheel-throwing class (B2,000 per two-hours). The highlight is a workshop (B4,500 per person) where you will be taught how to mould clay by hand.

A Clay Cafe, 50 Sathon 8 / Open Fri-Wed from 10am-5.30pm

Stella Art Cafe

This blue shophouse is where you can make a unique painted ceramic plate yourself. They regularly host a private Benjarong ceramic painting class, with prices ranging from B900 to B1,300, depending on the size. They will walk you through the painting process step by step, starting from drawing patterns, colouring, polishing and finishing with your signature. The fee comes with a lunch box, including a drink and snack.

Stella Art Cafe, 1/27 Sukhumvit 30 / Open Mon-Fri from 10am-6pm and Sat from 11am-2pm

Sané Café & Workshop Studio

Khanom Thai-dedicated cafe Sané Café & Workshop Studio invites all to enjoy homemade Thai desserts. The cafe offers a lovely atmosphere with Thai-inspired decor, like traditional Thai wood utensils displayed on a wall, with a standalone white-tile counter bar topped with wooden glass cabinets shelving small bite-sized Thai desserts.

Sané Café & Workshop Studio, Itsaraphap Road / Open Tue-Sun from 11am-7pm

Bigknit Cafe

Cafe and knitting store Bigknit Cafe is for knitters and cafe lovers on Sukhumvit 49. The relaxing vibe of this place will make you want to spend an afternoon knitting something nice for yourself or your loved ones. Having gathered more than 5,000 types of yarn and equipment from all over the world, the Bigknit Cafe offers basic knitting and crochet workshops for customers without charge after purchasing their products.

Bigknit Cafe, 1st/Floor, RQMall, Sukhumvit 49 / Open daily from 9am-9pm

Section 1: Write the correct answer in the space provided.

1. What can you make at The Kafe' by Mha? …………….

2. How many workshops does A Clay Cafe offer? …………….

3. How much is the cheapest class at Stella Art Cafe? …………….

4. How much do classes cost at Bigknit Cafe? …………….

5. Which cafes open every day?…………..

6. Which cafe is closed on Thursdays? …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.

The name of Fun Cafe …7… from the Thai word for dream. A must-try is the chocolate cake served …8… a paintbrush and some food colourings. The cakes …9… a smooth white surface …10… you can paint before getting your sugar fix.

7. __A. comes             __B. come                __C. has

8. __A. on                 __B. with                  __C. for

9. __A. with            __B. that               __C. have

10. __A. who            __B. what                __C. that

Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.

11. an activity involving skill in making things by hand ……………

12. people in a family born and living during the same times ……………

13. to make a soft substance have a particular shape ……………

14. thread used for making cloth or for knitting …………

Answers: 1. a bag. 2. six. 3. B900. 4. free. 5. Bigknit cafe/The Kafe' by Mha. 6. A Clay Cafe. 7. a. 8. b. 9. c. 10. c. 11. craft. 12. generations. 13. mould. 14. yarn.

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