State welfare cards under review

The finance and labour ministries are sharing data for a review of state welfare eligibility.

State welfare cards under review
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State welfare cards under review

published : 13 Oct 2021 at 14:11

writer: R May


Holders of state welfare cards arrive at a store to buy discounted products provided by the government in Samut Prakan province in February. (Photo: Somchai Poomlard)

The finance and labour ministries are sharing data for a review of state welfare eligibility.

According to government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, the aim is to prevent duplication and ensure the scheme better benefits low-income people.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha instructed the Finance Ministry to review eligibility criteria while the Fiscal Policy Office is preparing a new round of registration for state welfare cards.

In the new round, criteria for eligibility would be stricter to prevent duplication as some cardholders may also be receiving other welfare benefits.

At present, an eligible recipient must be a Thai with an annual income of 100,000 baht or less and owns assets of not more than 100,000 baht.

After the review , the criteria may be based on a combined income of his or her family. Other assets such as land, houses and savings bonds may also be considered.

Mr Thanakorn said the new criteria were expected to be forwarded to the cabinet for consideration in November. The new round of registration was expected in January next year, he added.

The government spokesman said the Finance Ministry has coordinated with the Labour Ministry so it could have access to the latter's social security database .

About 22 million people are in the social security system. Of them, 11 million are company employees (Section 33 of the Social Security Act). Another 2 million are former company employees who have opted to keep their memberships after they quit their jobs (Section 39) while nearly 10 million are self-employed (Section 40).

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  • assets : things owned by a person, company etc., particularly money and property - ทรัพย์สิน
  • coordinate : to organise the different parts of a job or plan so that the people involved work together effectively - ประสานงานกัน
  • criteria (noun) : (singular "criterion") a set of standards that is used for judging something or for making a decision about something - บรรทัดฐาน
  • database : a large amount of information stored in a computer in an organised way - ฐานข้อมูล
  • eligibility (noun) : the condition of being able to have or do something because you have the right qualifications, are the right age, etc - การมีสิทธิเข้ารับเลือก, ความมีสิทธิ์จะได้รับเลือก, ความเหมาะสม
  • forward : to send onwards - ส่งต่อ
  • latter : used for referring to the second of two people, things, or groups that have just been mentioned - อันหลัง,ครึ่งหลัง,ส่วนที่สอง
  • opt : to make a choice or a decision from a range of possibilities - เลือก
  • registration : the process of recording names or information on an official list - การขึ้นทะเบียน, การลงทะเบียน
  • review : the process of studying or examining a situation, policy, or idea again in order to decide whether it is suitable or satisfactory - การทบทวน
  • strictly : in a very limited or limiting way; exactly or correctly -
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