PLUS Property penetrates luxury property project market with superior management

Sights set on 20% portfolio growth made possible by PLUS EXTRAORDINARY LIVING

PLUS Property penetrates luxury property project market with superior management

PLUS Property penetrates luxury property project market with superior management

published : 21 Sep 2022 at 11:20


Sights set on 20% portfolio growth made possible by PLUS EXTRAORDINARY LIVING

Plus Property Co., Ltd. is banking on the results of its PLUS Extraordinary Living tactic as it works to penetrate luxury segment property projects. The company is offering superior residential property management services and promises to deliver unique and individualised living experiences. PLUS highlights three advantages that include project maintenance aimed at value appreciation (‘Timeless Property’), customised services that cater to each resident’s lifestyle and the creation of extraordinary experiences for residents at each luxury project.

Owing to experience and lessons learned from 25 years of being in the facility management and residential properties management businesses, PLUS is confident of growing its luxury-level portfolio by 20% this year, with an aim of achieving a ratio of 65% of the portfolio composed of condominiums and 35% composed of detached houses and townhouses. 

Ms. Suwannee Mahanarongchai, Deputy Managing Director, Business Strategies and Asset Management, Plus Property Company Limited, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed, “The business plan targets a 15% growth of income from building management and the management of 300 projects worth 1.2 billion baht. This year, emphasis is on attacking the luxury projects market in full force. A target has been set for adding 20% more luxury-type projects to our portfolio or 200 million baht in terms of value. The proportion will consist of 65% being condominiums and 35% being detached houses and townhouses. We are confident about being able to cater to this group, owing to our expertise in property services that spans more than 25 years and to our personnel team who are highly experienced in taking long-term care of residents. 

They also possess thorough understanding of building management affairs, including the aspects of managing co-existence among residents, paying attention to every detail of clients, work administration transparency, understanding of building laws, and vendor management. These necessitate continuous planning to be laid down. PLUS is ready to deliver a living experience unique to the ‘Living for You’ concept.”

PLUS aims to expand its building management work in the luxury and super luxury segments. The ‘PLUS Extraordinary Living’ tactic will be used to enable an above and beyond level property project management service. 

PLUS has in-dept understanding of all relevant details and believes luxury clients place importance on coexisting together inside a quality society as well as in living life tastefully amid the highest level of safety. Although attention is given to every detail, we place special focus on the following three aspects:

1. Timeless Property. Property projects and assets at said projects are maintained so they retain their value and beauty and may be passed on to future generations. 

An example is Ban Khai Muk Hua Hin, Sansiri’s first condominium project that is now 30 years old. The project has received delicate care and services as well as miniscule spot repairs. As a case in point, repair of the mustard yellow mosaic tiles involved colour customisation to enable the new tiles to resemble the original as much as possible. Property prices at this project have appreciated by tenfold. 

Ban Khai Muk Hua Hin

98 Wireless, a super luxury condominium that sits at the heart of Wireless Road, features many high-value art pieces which are displayed in the common area. These include 200-year-old wooden furniture, fine art drawings and precious books from the World War era. 

98 Wireless

As another example, The Monument Thong Lo project retained a 50-year-old rain tree that grew there before the condominium was constructed. PLUS employed skilful arborists to keep the tree in as pristine condition as possible, to add to the long-term value appreciation of the project.

The Monument Thong Lo

2. Customised Service. Comprehension of a project’s concept and the diverse lifestyles and requirements of residents make it possible for customised services to be offered and improved living experiences to be delivered to residents. An example of a customised service PLUS has designed for a client in the luxury segment may be found at KHUN by YOO, a condominium in the central Thonglor area which was conceived by globally-renowned designer Philippe Starck. 

PLUS designed unique drinks menus such as the Nitro Cold Brew, to be offered to residents who may opt for coffee as well as serving Thai tea. At 98 Wireless and The Monument Thong Lo, butler services have been customised to offer specialised services unique to certain fields. The Navigator butler is able to provide information about key locations such as restaurants and shopping centres, and is also able to coordinate with venues on behalf of residents. 

Navigator butler at The Monument Thong Lo

The Healthiologist butler can provide preliminary healthcare assistance and offer the correct advice and information about exercise. The Mixologist butler is a specialist in designing drinks that are appropriate for specific events and types of food. The Romaceologist butler provides aromatherapies by offering scents unique to each therapy receiver and coordinates spa affairs within project facilities.

3. Extraordinary Experience. Special services are delivered to create ‘surprise & delight’ experiences for residents, on top of standard services. An example can be found at Baan Sansiri Pattanakarn, which offers an event organising assistant service for residents for celebrating special occasions. The 98 Wireless project offers parcel delivery service to the front door, in addition to a food delivery reception service. 

Parcel Delivery Service at 98 Wireless

The Private Lounge may also be set up to serve a meal. Other services include in-room equipment maintenance and repair, exclusive activities such as ‘Sunset Evening Cocktail Night’ or a movie night, and the organising of various events for special occasions. 

Furthermore, PLUS maintains a ‘Luxury Vendors List’ of all services in order to facilitate convenience for residents. These vendors include florists, spas, limousine providers and even wine importers who provide ‘executive wine tasting’ services for the project’s residents.

Within its present property management portfolio, PLUS is managing luxury-level projects such as KHUN by YOO, 98 Wireless, The Monument Thong Lo, Baan Sansiri Pattanakarn, The River, Nivati Thonglor 23, Athenee Residence, The Bangkok Sathorn, Ficus Lane, and Reflection. For 2022, the company will continue to accept residential project management contracts for condominiums, detached houses and townhome projects. Those interested may make inquiries about PLUS’s services at 02-688-7555 and at 

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