Adult star Rae Lil Black raises pulses across Thailand - Coconuts

Adult star Rae Lil Black raises pulses across Thailand Coconuts

Adult star Rae Lil Black raises pulses across Thailand - Coconuts
By Coconuts Bangkok Jan 4, 2023 | 1:18pm Bangkok time

In one moment, she declares her love for durian. In another, she eats hot pot alongside two smitten Thai nerds in the northeast. All along the way, since last month, adult star Rae Lil Black has racked up a growing Thai following by documenting her travels through the realm.

But nothing sent Rae’s Thai fanboys frothing like yesterday’s TikTok declaration that she was dismayed to receive few likes on Tinder. That seven-second clip has now been watched more than one million times and drawn many comments vying for her unlikely attention.

“I’ve been swiping in Chiang Mai, can’t find you,” read one of many similar comments.

That’s right, the 26-year-old Japanese porn star is in town to boost her audience, one softcore social media post at a time, which by all accounts is working. Beginning with a Dec. 10 sunset photo in Rayong, followed by foodie pics, Rae Lil Black’s viral interest peaked on Thai social media with a come-hither picture and the question, “Where can I find a husband in Thailand?”

On Sunday, she told fans to call her by her new Thai name Raewadee and added Rae to her Twitter profile in Thai.

She gained even more Thai cred when she ate hot pot in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom in a commercial shoot for food platform Wongnai.

She continues to document her time in Thailand, posting photos in hotel rooms, on beaches, and with her Thai fans. It’s unclear what is paid promotion and what is spontaneous – she has posted several videos promoting Tinder, including one last night announcing she was staying longer to find out more about the dating scene.

Rae Lil Black, aka Akiko Matsuzawa, entered the adult film industry in 2017 before branching off into more mainstream work involving video games, streaming, and ASMR.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified Rae as Japanese-American. She is in fact Japanese.

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